Logitech Rally Camera

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Manufacturer part number 993-001899
Vendor Logitech
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With advanced optics, premium design, and RightSense™ automation, Logitech Rally Camera delivers boardroom-quality video and works with most any conferencing service. - Advanced Optics: The exquisitely-engineered lens, expansive PTZ coverage, and Ultra-HD imaging system capture every seat. - Premium Design: A sleek, understated design and high-end materials makes Rally Camera suitable for formal spaces and custom installations. - RightSense™ Automation: Featuring RightLight™ for automatic light balance and color optimization and RightSight™ for automatic framing, Rally Camera delivers studio-quality video with optimal framing for every participant. Rally Camera complements third-party audio systems and makes better video meetings easy, comfortable, and automatic.


Master (outer) case height 22.2 cm
Master (outer) case width 21.4 cm
Master (outer) case length 37.6 cm
Master (outer) case gross weight 1.98 kg
Package width 203 mm
Package height 206 mm
Package weight 230.1 g
Package depth 50 mm

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