Cisco EM-HDA-3FXS/4FXO= FXS/FXO voice network module

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Manufacturer part number EM-HDA-3FXS/4FXO=
Vendor Cisco
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This 3-port FXS and 4-port FXO voice and fax expansion module provides on-premises FXS signaling to connect directly to a standard telephone, fax machine, or similar device and supplies ring, voltage, and dial tone. In addition, the FXO ports provide off-premises connection to the central office. FXS signaling support available includes loop-start and ground-start. There is no DID support. In addition, there is no FXO power failover support on the FXO ports. It also supports analog Centralized Automated Message Accounting (CAMA) on any port.


Supported network protocols 3 FXS and 4 FXO
Number of connectors 7
Supported platforms Cisco IOS 12.3(11)T +
Connector type FXS/FXO

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