HP 4 Year Absolute Control - 1-2499 Unit Volume Service

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Manufacturer part number U8UN9E
Vendor HP
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The strategic global relationship between Absolute and HP Care provide your organisation with world-class hardware technology and endpoint security and management for your devices. Absolute provides persistent endpoint security and data risk management solutions for computers, tablets and smartphones. Its solutions offer a unique and trusted layer of security, o customers can manage mobility while remaining firmly in control. With over 30,000 commercial customers worldwide and more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Absolute is a leader in device security and management tracking. The Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) solution (formerly Absolute Computrace®) provides your organisation with actionable intelligence to prove compliance and deliver comprehensive visibility and control over your devices and data – anytime, anywhere. Absolute Data & Device Security Support Service offers multiple service levels of Absolute DDS products to meet your business needs.


Phone support Y
Number of years 4 year(s)
HP segment Business
Service time (hours x days) 9x5
Support type Protection services
Coverage period 48 month(s)

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