HP Upgrade RGS 7 (E-LTU/E-Media)

HP Upgrade RGS 7 (E-LTU/E-Media)

Manufacturer part number F9L60AAE
Vendor HP

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Access your workstation- or server-based graphic-rich applications and collaborate remotely in real time from any PC, thin client or Windows tablet with HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS).

Exceptional frame rate and image quality.

Get ultra-fast workstation-class performance and response time plus 3D graphics support for the latest versions of Open GL and Direct X. Significantly reduce the bandwidth required for HP RGS connections with advanced video compression.

Centralize a workspace from one or multiple devices.
Collaborate in real-time by streaming the desktop of one workstation to multiple colleagues and devices and grant view-only access or full interactive control to other collaborators. Or, reverse it and setup a command-and-control station by streaming multiple remote workstations to a single PC.

Swap your keyboard and mouse for your fingertips.
Turn swipes into hot keys and pinches into zooms or turn the entire screen into a track pad with a virtual mouse icon for precise control and selection. Advanced touch recognition features on HP RGS 7 make it easy to do real work with workstation-class applications on your Windows 8 tablet. Easily program your Windows 7 applications to recognize Windows 8 gestures.

HP Velocity is better than ever.
Greatly improve frame rate and responsiveness when connecting over poor wide area networks or Wi-Fi with HP Velocity 2.1, built into HP RGS 7.

Software type Electronic Software Download (ESD)

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